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Commercial Checking

High Volume+ Earnings

Our high volume with earnings credit account is designed for banking customers with sophisticated banking needs.

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Treasury Services

A full suite of best-of-breed solutions for managing fraud, cash flow, integrated payables, payroll and accounts receivable.

Positive Pay

This powerful solution helps detect fraudulent check and ACH Payments before they impact business.

High Volume + Earnings Credit to Offset Fees

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  • Designed for businesses with a higher transaction volume
  • Earnings credit3 helps offset service fees
  • $15 monthly maintenance fee7,8,9
  • Per withdrawal charge of $0.155
  • Per deposit item charge of $0.106

Find the Right Account for You

Higher Transaction Volume

For businesses with higher balances, larger transaction volume, and more complex banking needs, we offer two checking options.

Lower Transaction Volume

For businesses with a lower amount of banking activity and basic needs, we offer two value-driven checking options.

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High Volume + Earnings Credit

Designed for businesses with a higher transaction volume and more complex cash management needs.

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Low Volume

An affordable option for small business checking. No monthly maintenance fee with eStatement enrollment, plus 150 free total transactions4 per statement cycle.

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High Volume + Interest

A great option for high volume, high balance businesses with complex banking needs.

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Low Volume + Interest

A great option for businesses with higher balances.  Interest2 on balances over $500, a low monthly maintenance fee plus 150 free total transactions per statement cycle.

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First PREMIER Bank Treasury Services

Think Globally, Bank Locally

As the nation’s 11th largest originator of ACH Payments, First PREMIER knows how to support the cash management, integrated receivables, payroll and accounts payable needs of enterprise business. We specialize in offering a customized account and services framework to support big business – providing the local, personal support you deserve.  Find out how we can help you today. 

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First PREMIER Bank
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Positive Pay

Protect your business from fraudulent checks and ACH transactions with this powerful fraud management tool.

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Security & Fraud Protection

Find out how First PREMIER Bank helps protect you against fraud and how to protect your small business.

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Why Bank with First PREMIER?

As a debt-free, privately owned $3 billion bank, First PREMIER is one of the strongest capitalized banks in the country. We are consistently ranked as a top-performing bank for asset size. Most recently we were named by S&P as the nation’s Best Performing Large Community Bank.

Our integrated business model bridges business banking with our treasury and asset management teams. We work together to provide market-leading banking, lending and treasury services solutions that are "right-sized" for business needs and flexible to scale for future growth.

Our bankers take the time to learn about you. Once they understand your business goals, they will help you find the banking products and financial solutions that fit your needs today, and support you as your business grows.

Our secure Online and Mobile Banking gives you 24/7 access over your accounts with multi-tiered security and administrative control. Enjoy great features including eStatements, Bill Pay, account alerts & notifications, debit card lock and unlock, administrative controls and more! Our Debit Mastercard® and Business Rewards Mastercard® credit cards also work with mobile wallet technology. Best of all, First PREMIER Business Online and Mobile Banking are FREE of charge to First PREMIER Banking customers.

First PREMIER is the 11th largest ACH Originating Bank in the USA and the 14th largest issuer of Mastercard® in the country. We are also honored to have served as the bank for the State of South Dakota since 1999, as well as the bank for the City of Sioux Falls since 2004.

We serve our local, regional and national clients with pride and personal customer care. We are active supporters of more than 700 charities and non-profits and our associates give an average of 30,000 volunteer hours annually.

Talk to a Business Banker Today

We can help with account selection, business services, financing and more, bringing you best-of-breed banking with the personal support you deserve.


{1} Interest not paid on days the balance falls below $500.

{2} At our discretion, we may change the interest rate daily. Interest is calculated using the daily balance method. Interest is compounded.

{3} Earnings credit rate may change and will be shown on the Deposit Account Rate Schedule.

{4} "Transaction" refers to any combination of items, paid or unpaid, including paper and electronic. 150 free total transactions represents a combination of withdrawals & deposits before withdrawal and deposit fees apply. First PREMIER will assess a cost-per-excess transaction fee over transactions allowed per statement cycle.

{5} "Withdrawal" refers to any transaction whether initiated in person, by check, draft or similar paper instrument, or any transaction initiated electronically through electronic funds transfer. Withdrawals fees to not apply to transactions made using a First PREMIER Bank Debit Card, transactions initiated through wire transfer, transactions initiated through Online Bill Payment, or transfers initiated through Business Online Banking.

{6} “Deposit" refers to all deposit transactions. Deposits do not include transactions or transfers made at an ATM, through Remote Deposit or Mobile Deposit, or transfers made through Business Online Banking.

{7} A $5 monthly paper statement fee is assessed to customers receiving paper statements.

{8} Regulatory Assessment Fee equal to the product of the Average Daily Ledger Balance multiplied by 0.15260%, then divided by 365, and then multiplied by Days in Statement Cycle.

{9} Negative Collected Balance Fee equal to the product of the Average Collected Negative Balance multiplied by the Negative Collected Balance Fee rate, then divided by 365, and then multiplied by Days in Statement Cycle. The Negative Collected Balance Fee rate is included in the Deposit Account Rate Schedule.

{10} Restriction apply. See Business Credit Card Agreement for details.